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    • Indonesian Robusta 5 Drip bags


      5 Indonesian Robusta collections for you to try and enjoy

      Comes from the 5 areas in Indonesia :

      • Kerinci Robusta is from the highland of Kerinci Mount in Jambi, Sumatra has a unique cinnamon aroma, full strong body and good after taste.
      • Bali Robusta Coffee grows at the foot of Mount Batukaru in Bali. It has a fragrance aroma, nice body and good after taste
      • Painan Robusta is from the highland of south cost of West Sumatra has a fruity aroma, full smooth body and good after taste.
      • Flores Robusta is from West part of Flores, it has fruity aroma with chocolate taste. 
      • Solok Robusta Coffee is  from Sumatra island. From the highland at the south part of West Sumatra, has a unique aroma with full body and good after taste

      Packed with the drip bag makes it easy to enjoy a good quality of coffee wherever you are.

    • Coffe Capsule Island Coffee Solok Robusta Nespresso® compatible

      Rp80,000.00 Rp55,000.00

      Kopi Solok Robusta berasal dari dataran tinggi di selatan Sumatera Barat. Kopi Solok Robusta memiliki aroma yang khas dengan full body dan good after taste.
      Nyaman di perut.

      Keasaman/Acidity : medium
      Grade : 1
      Aroma : Fruity & fragrance
      Roasting : Medium to dark

      10 kapsul

      ** Kompatibel dengan semua mesin Nespresso® **

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